Linh Son Pagoda – The Most Sacred Spiritual Tourist Attraction In Dalat

Linh Son Pagoda highlights with its unique, ancient architecture bond with long-lasting history, blend with the solemn, tranquil ambiance brings this place become the must-visit pagoda if you’re a Buddhist, or merely spiritually minded person. Tam Trinh Coffee hopes you won’t miss the opportunity to experience this mesmerizing landscape when having a trip in Dalat. Below is all essential information about Linh Son Pagoda in Dalat that you should know.  

1. About Linh Son Pagoda Dalat 

History of Dalat Linh Son Pagoda

Linh Son pagoda is a well-known spiritual tourist attraction in Dalat – the city of flowers. It was named after a prominent Indian mountain. This sacred place was constructed according to Bao Dai King’s Mother – Mrs. Tu Cung suggestion, after she visited Dalat. The pagoda was built in 1938, completed in 1940 and the manager at that time is Thich Tri Thu Venerable. Up to now, it is being overseen by the 4th abbot generation and has undergone many renovations and restorations. Venerable Thich Tu Man has been the abbot of the pagoda since 1964 until now.

Linh Son Pagoda 1

Linh Son Pagoda Overview

Linh Son Pagoda was built on an expansive land with a span of 4 hectares, following the Oriental architectural characteristics harmoniously and simply. This serene place is not only known as one of the major spiritual tourist destinations of Da Lat, but also known for many architectural beauties in harmony with nature and the solemn, peaceful ambiance. The pagoda attracts thousands of tourists and Buddhist followers who come to visit, burn incense sticks and worship every year.

2. Where is Linh Son Pagoda Dalat & How to get

Linh Son Pagoda is located at No. 120, Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province. Since Linh Son Pagoda is right in the city center – about 1.2km from Dalat University and Xuan Huong Lake, 1km from Dalat market, therefore visitors can move to this tourist attraction without difficulty. 

Linh Son Pagoda 2

You can choose any means of transportation, like taxi, bus, or motorbike… Many places in Dalat offer motorbike renting service so that you can go to Linh Son Pagoda by yourself. You can refer to the following instruction if you start at Dalat Centre: City center → Bui Thi Xuan Street → Nguyen Van Troi Street → Proceed to 200m and ultimately reach the destination.

3. Dalat Linh Son Pagoda Ticket Prices, Opening Hours and The best time to visit      

The entrance fee of Linh Son Pagoda is completely free, open willingly for everyone who wants to profoundly discover this tourist attraction’s cultural and historical richness.

The opening hour of Linh Son Pagoda is from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM, daily. You can come here whenever in that time frame. And the best time to visit Dalat Linh Son Pagoda is usually in the morning, because the foggy city often has rain in the afternoon, so it may have an influence on your journey or make it inconvenient.  

4. The Unique Architecture of Dalat Linh Son Pagoda 

Immersing yourself in tranquility and peace at Linh Son Pagoda, many people are impressed by the ancient architecture of this sacred place, which embodies an unique East Asian architectural style. 

Linh Son Outside Architecture 

From the triple entrance gates to the pagoda, visitors can follow the flight of stairs surrounded by towering pine trees, eucalyptus to go up to the pagoda. In the middle is the main hall consisting of two interconnected houses with both sides being a pair of flanking dragons. Above are two large red wooden pillars, on which are written couplets in Chinese characters with many spiritual meanings.


The roof of the pagoda is designed according to the former pagodas style in Hue Ancient Capital. Above the roof are placed two meandering dragons located symmetrically at both sides.

In front of Linh Son Pagoda’s yard is the statue of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara standing on a bronze lotus pedestal. On the left is a romantic pond with rockeries miniatures and ornamental plants; on the right side is a three-storey octagonal stupa with a 4 meter high tiled roof.

Linh Son Pagoda 5 


Linh Son Inside Architecture

Inside of Linh Son Pagoda, the main hall is solemnly adorned, having four large wooden pillars carved with couplets in Chinese characters painted in red and gilded with deeply spiritual meaning.

In the middle is the altar of Shakyamuni Buddha sitting on a lotus throne , above which is a bronze statue weighing 1.25 tons and 1.7 meters high, carved in 1952.

On the left side of the main hall is where the Patriarch’s hall worships Master Dat Ma, and places the tablets of monks who have passed away or deceased people brought to the temple by their relatives. Outside is a large drum, diameter 0.75mm. On the right side of the main hall, there are statues of Dharma Protector Amitabha and Dai Hong Chung weighing 450 kg hanging on a precious wooden frame.

Linh Son Pagoda 6

5. What to experience in Linh Son Pagoda?

Experiencing spiritual ambience 

Linh Son Pagoda is a place of scenic beauty in the city of flowers. Visiting this place, besides exploring the esteemed Buddhist temple, admire its distinctive architecture with the rich history, visitors also can indulge themselves in the tranquil and serene ambiance. Listening to the sound of chirping birds, rustling leaves, ringing bell… all of that creating a mysterious symphony. It’s really an fairy land for people who are seeking spiritual experiences, inner peace and want to rest for a while. 

Linh Son Pagoda 7


Burn incense sticks and worship

If you are worried for a family member’s health, or merely feel insecure and scared of uncleared things,… You can come to Linh Son Pagoda to pray for relief. It is one of the famously sacred places in Dalat. When you approach the destination, just keep your mind pure with good thoughts, and then pray sincerely… It is not sure that everything will come true, but it will make you feel calmer, more peaceful.

6. Tips for travel at solemn Dalat Linh Son Pagoda 

Pagoda is always considered as a solemn, sacred spiritual place in Vietnam. Therefore, every visitors who want to visit Linh Son Pagoda in specific and other stately site in general should keep an eye on some notes below:

  • Visitors have to dress discreetly, avoid wearing revealing clothes, or skirts that are shorter than the knee.   
  • Visitors should behave gently, politely: refrain from offensive or rude words, avoid laughing or screaming inside the pagoda. 
  • Visitors should choose comfortable, soft sports shoes to avoid foot pain because you may go through many steps and explore a large pagoda yard.
  • Visitors are prohibited to throw trash indiscriminately, break branches or pick flowers inside the pagoda.

Tourists who visit Dalat City fall in love with many enchanting landscapes in this city. Besides Linh Son Pagoda, there are Linh An Pagoda which has the highest Guan Yin Buddha statue in VietNam, majestic Elephant Waterfall which flows of water pour all year round, or Tam Trinh Coffee where you can visit the coffee farm, enjoy the high-quality, typical Vietnam coffee drink,…

 Dalat Linh An Pagoda, located right next to Elephant Waterfall

Linh Son Pagoda is well-known for its sacredness. Annually, Linh Son welcomes thousands of tourists coming to pray and worship for blessings or good things. Tam Trinh Coffee believes that it is the best place for people who seek a peaceful, tranquil place to get away from the hustling, bustling city in a while and relieve the burdens of life.

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