Cam Ly Waterfall – The Appealing Attraction Must Visit In Dalat

Dalat is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty, from picturesque Cam Ly Waterfall, majestic Elephant Waterfall to romantic Xuan Huong Lake. This privilege of Mother Nature makes Dalat always on the top must-visit cities in VietNam. Many people visit the foggy city, then fall in love with the well-known Cam Ly Waterfall. And if you have intention to explore this place, save the essential information that Tam Trinh Coffee is gonna share with you below.  

1. Overview Of Cam Ly Waterfall

Cam Ly Waterfall is next to the center of Da Lat city, about 2 km West far from the city center. This waterfall is a combination of a stream flowing into Xuan Huong Lake from the North and another stream from the South.

With a height of about 30m, Cam Ly Waterfall’s water does not flow quickly or violently but just gently and peacefully, likened to the image of a gentle village girl. In the dry season it is like that, but in the rainy season it is completely different. In the rainy one, water from the upstream flows in billowing white foam, adding to the majestic beauty of nature here.

Cam Ly Waterfall 1

The Waterfall is surrounded by green pine forests and lush clusters of flowers and plants all year round. Near the top of the waterfall, a beautiful small bridge crosses the stream. From here, visitors can easily admire the entire enchanting scenery here. Immersed in the majestic vast green mountains and forests, the sound of gurgling streams blend with the chirping of birds, creating a mysterious and magical symphony.

2. The Birth Of The Name Camly Waterfall – History of the tourist attraction name

Many people after hearing the name expressed their curiosity about it. History of Cam Ly Waterfall has many theories, but there are 2 stories that received the most attention.  

Unlike the name’s origin of other tourist destinations in Da Lat which contain legends about love, the name Cam Ly was born to commemorate gratitude and remember those who have contributed to the locals here.

Initially, this Waterfall was called Liang Sra. Once upon a time, there was a chief named K’Mly. One day, unfortunately, K’Mly was arrested and tied by French colonialists with ants and bees’ nests to ask statements from him about revolution. But Dam M’ly is a brave man. Even though he endured hunger, thirst and being attacked violently, he did not disclose anything. After torturing time, he died due to suffering from injuries. To show deep gratitude and remembrance of that great chief, the villagers named his name for the Waterfall. Later, people misread the name K’Mly to the name Cam Ly as it is today. 

Cam Ly Waterfall 2

Some other people think that the name Cam Ly actually originated from the sounds of Sino-Vietnamese. In Chinese, the word “Cam” means sweetness while “Ly” means penetration. Two these words combined together are understood as the pure, sweet flow of water has come into the Central Highlands people here, and nurturing them becomes kind-hearted and genuine.

3. Location of Cam Ly Waterfall – How to get to Camly Waterfall

Cam Ly Waterfall is located at 76 Hoang Van Thu Street, Ward 5, Dalat City. It’s near the city centre, about 2 km away.   

So, how to get to Cam Ly Waterfall?

Cam Ly waterfall tourist area is located in a crowded area of residents, so it’s relatively easy to move here. 

There are many specific instructions on the Internet, or you can use Google Maps if you want to go by yourself. Means of transportation are diverse to choose, like: taxis, cars, motorbikes,…

Cam Ly Waterfall 3

If you move by yourself, you can refer to the detailed instructions below:

At Tran Hung Dao Street (right in the city centre) → proceed to 20 Highway → move towards Kim Cuc traffic circle → straight through Tran Hung Dao street →  Tran Phu street → Go to the big intersection → go straight through Hoang Van Thu street →  look for address number 76 to reach the tourist area – Cam Ly Waterfall. 

4. The Opening Time Of Cam Ly Waterfall – The best time to visit Cam Ly Waterfall

The opening time of Cam Ly Waterfall is daily from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM. 

So, when is the best time of the year to visit Cam Ly Waterfall?

If you love adventuring and enjoy strong feelings, the rainy season is the right time for you. So that you can see the greatest and amazing moment of the waterfall. The white foam bursts amidst the violent and quick flows of water, making the landscape more spectacular. But it’s quite dangerous to explore, especially if you are travelling with your children. 

Cam Ly Waterfall 4

So, if you go with your children, or just simply want safety, you had better come to Cam Ly Waterfall in the dry season from November to April the following year. It facilitates more to explore with the slow flows and low water level. You will feel peaceful, tranquil and relax in the expansive nature.  

And the best time to come here in a day is maybe in the morning or in the midday, while the light is bright. 

5. Entrance Fee Of Cam Ly Waterfall

The tourist area entrance fee of Cam Ly Waterfall is various.

  • With adult: Ticket price is 40,000 VND
  • With children 1m – under 1m2 height: Ticket price is 20,000 VND
  • With children under 1m2 height: Ticket price is free

In addition to the sightseeing ticket, if you move by motorbike, you can park at the parking lot for 5,000 VND/motorbike. The waterfall does not have a car parking lot however, so please be noticed.

6. What To Experience In Cam Ly Waterfall

Strolling to admire the enchanting scenery and relaxing

If you are immersed in a pile of work, stressed or fed up with the hustle and bustle of urban life, exploring Cam Ly Waterfall will be an amazing experience that helps you recharge your energy and restore your spirit. Immerse yourself in vast pine forests, amidst a tranquil atmosphere blend with the sounds of flowing streams and the chirping of birds. You will feel your soul lighten up, your thoughts calm down, there is only relaxation.

Cam Ly Waterfall 5

Take many artistic photos

The Cam Ly Waterfall has been refurbished to be worthy of a tourist area. Despite that, this place still keeps the unspoiled and wild nature. Standing amidst the vast green nature and poetic scenery, with views of pine hills and waterfalls, visitors should just wear the pretty clothes, smile brightly, and keep a good pose to have the wonderful pictures.

Bathing in the waterfall

Come to Cam Ly Waterfall on hot days, it is an amazing experience for you to immerse yourself in the cool water, play with water with your kids or just sink there and chat with your friends while breathing the fresh air. 

6. Tips For Travelling Cam Ly Waterfall

Cam Ly Waterfall is now a tourist area, so have something you should keep an eye on: 

  • You can bring both food and water into the tourist area, but remember to preserve intact scenery and landscapes here by keeping the hard-decaying plastic bags with you when you come back.
  • Do not indiscriminately draw on the stone blocks.
  • There are very slippery rocky stones so be careful to climb or move. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes, sports shoes instead of high heels to facilitate climbing and exploring. 
  • Keep safety for your children.
  • You can rest in the prepared tents in the Cam Ly Waterfall tourist area. 

Cam Ly Waterfall 6

7. Other Famous Places Near Cam Ly Waterfall To Explore

If you are the person who always fall in love with marvelous landscape and love exploring, you must visit other famous attractions in Dalat, such as: Elephant Waterfall, Linh Ẩn Pagoda, Clay Tunnel, Langbiang Mountain, Chicken Church, Da Lat Market, or Van Thanh flower village, Tuyen Lam Lake, Secret Garden,…

Cam Ly Waterfall 7

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Dalat is known as the city of chill coffee and delicious dishes restaurants. You can drop by Tam Trinh Coffee to drink high quality Vietnamese coffee and experience the coffee making process from ‘farm to cup’ in the view of the highest statue in Vietnam with majestic Elephant Waterfall. Or you can have dinner in Tao Ngo eatery to enjoy a tasty typical Dalat dish – chicken hotpot with é leaves in the cold weather of the foggy city.    

Cam Ly Waterfall is one of the enchanting waterfalls in Dalat, besides Elephant Waterfall, Datanla Waterfall, Dambri Waterfall… If you are a person who loves exploring, Tam Trinh Coffee make sure that you will be fascinated by Cam Ly Waterfall in particular, and Dalat landscape in general.    

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