Top 20+ Best Foods in Dalat [Must-try] & Places to eat

1. Grilled rice paper (Banh trang nuong) 

Top spot on the list of must-try food in Dalat is Grilled rice paper. It is also known as Vietnamese pizza, and Vietnamese often call it “Banh trang nuong”. This is Dalat’s specialty food that anyone who visits here should try at least once because it has an amazing highly-seasoned, blend taste and diverse types (like onion, egg, cheese…) so that you can choose the one you like.

The chef grill the rice paper on charcoal, and then add eggs, butter, dry shrimps, beef jerky, onions…. and finally add mayonnaise & chili sauce on the top. When you hang around on the street, you can see many small eateries buy Grilled rice paper, and with just half dollar – you will already have had one.

Best Foods in Dalat 1

Places to eat grilled rice paper in Dalat:

  • 180 Bui Thị Xuan, Ward 2 
  • 61 Nguyen Van Troi, Ward 2
  • 26 Hoang Dieu, Ward 5  

Price: 15.000 VND – 20.000 VND

2. Pork meatball banh mi (Banh mi xiu mai) – Food in Dalat

If you don’t know what to eat in Dalat, don’t miss pork meatball banh mi, which is also called Banh mi xiu mai in Vietnamese. You can find it in different parts of the country, but many people comment that this food in Dalat is the best – maybe because of the quality of shumai.  

The chef uses lean minced pork, ground it finely, and shaped it into a small circle to make a meatball. You can eat it in a bowl with bold broth, cilantro. Tourists visiting Dalat often use it to have breakfast. With the cold weather of Dalat, make sure that this warm dish won’t disappoint you.

Best Foods in Dalat 2    

Pork meatball banh mi – Places to eat food in Dalat:

  • 14 Anh Sang, Ward 1
  • 26 Tran Nhat Duat, Dalat City

Price: 12.000-30.000 VND

3. Avocado Ice Cream (Kem Bo) – Places to eat in Dalat

For people who love ice cream or have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to try Avocado Ice Cream – one of the must-try foods in Dalat. Especially when you eat it in the cold weather of Dalat, make sure it will become a unique experience for you to remember forever. 

Avocado Ice Cream includes avocado, coconut ice cream, condensed milk, unsweetened fresh milk and then mix it together. Ultimately, put some dried coconut on the top of the ice cream and boom… you’ve got a cup of avocado ice cream. 

Best Foods in Dalat 3

Where to eat Avocado Ice Cream in Dalat?

  • 76 Nguyen Van Troi, Ward 2 – Kem bơ Thanh Thảo 
  • 27 Nguyen Trai, Ward 9 – Kem bơ & Cafe Chạm 
  • 74C Nguyen Van Troi, Ward 2- Kem Bơ Nari

Price: 12.000-60.000 VND 

4. Tam Trinh Coffee (Ca phe Tam Trinh) 

If you’re a coffee fan, you should definitely visit this coffee experience destination. With the high quality of coffee since the meticulous selection, Tam Trinh is one of the best places in Dalat to try Vietnamese typical coffee drinks. They also have the free-mini tour for everyone who is excited and wants to know more about coffee – the process of making coffee ‘from farm to cup’, do it by yourself. 

Not just tasty coffee drinks, free-mini tours, this place also has extraordinary nature. From here you can see the majestic Elephant Waterfall, Statue of Linh An Pagoda – one of the highest statues in Vietnam.

And if you’re worrying where to stay in Dalat, you can consider this place. It also has tourist accommodation, many foreigners really love the experiences here because it’s close to nature with the fresh air.  

Best Foods in Dalat 4

Address of Tam Trinh Coffee: DT 725, Village 4, Gia Lam, Lam Ha, Lam Đong

Price: 80.000-110.000 VND

5. Vietnamese grilled pork sausage / Grilled spring rolls (Nem nuong Dalat)

Famous for its dipping sauce prepared in a very unique style. Raw vegetables are served along with the meticulous process of rolling spring rolls, grilling spring rolls on charcoal…

Besides dipping sauce, material for making spring rolls is equally important. To have the tasty grilled spring rolls, the chef have to choose the lean shoulder of the pig – this part remains sweet after you grill meat on the charcoal.

You can eat Vietnamese grilled pork sausage by putting it on a fried rice paper, with vegetables, cilantro then wrap it like a roll, dip it into the sauce and have a bite. 

Best Foods in Dalat 5

Grilled spring rolls – Places to eat food in Dalat:

  • 3 Tran Hung Dao, Ward 3 – Bà Hùng Fried Rolls
  • 328 Phan Dinh Phung, Ward 2 – Bà Hùng Fried Rolls
  • 40 Chi Lang, Ward 9 – Út Huệ Grilled spring rolls  
  • 150 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2 – Hùng Vân Grilled spring rolls  
  • 45 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2 – Bà Nghĩa Grilled spring rolls

Price: 35.000-45.000 VND 

6. Wet Rice Cake With Chicken And Tripe (Banh uot long ga)

The next “candidates” of Must-try Food in Dalat is wet rice cake with chicken and tripe, in Vietnamese it means ‘banh uot long ga’. It is one of the typical dishes of Dalat City so that the domestic and oversea tourists always want to try.

To make this dish, it requires 2 ingredients. Firstly, the boiled chicken tripe and thigh and secondly, the chewy and soft rice cake. Then mix them together, add some different vegetables, and then eat it with sweet – sour fish sauce.     

Best Foods in Dalat 6

Where to eat wet rice cake with chicken & tripe in Dalat?

  • 15F Tang Bat Ho, Ward 1 – Trang
  • 68 Phan Dinh Phung, Dalat City – Hằng 68

Price: 25.000-35.000 VND 

7. Vietnamese Mini Pancakes (Banh can) – What To Eat In Đa Lat

Every time you set foot in the land of flowers, it is not difficult to see Da Lat’s Mini Pancakes Shops spread throughout the streets. Cake is not only a dish but also a part of local culture, carrying long-standing traditional values.

Vietnamese Pancake is usually made from rice flour and eggs, combined with shrimp, pork belly, mushrooms and green onions. The careful baking process gives Banh Can a sweet taste, crispy exterior, and fragrant filling. When eating, you enjoy Banh can with sweet and sour fish sauce, fresh chili and raw vegetables, creating a feeling of balance and blend.

Best Foods in Dalat 7

Vietnamese Mini Pancakes – Places to eat food in Dalat:

  • 01 Nha Chung, Dalat City – Nhà Chung
  • 07 Tang Bat Ho, Ward 1
  • 83A Nguyen Van Troi, Ward 2 – Bánh căn Cô Hoa
  • 27/44 Yersin, Ward 10 – Bánh căn Lệ

Price: 15.000-30.000 VND 

8. Hot Soy Milk In Dalat (Sua dau nanh) 

Considered as a typical “specialty” of the Foggy City at night. After you walk around, shop… you will see many hot soya milk on most of the streets. 

Soy milk is delicious, nutritious, and affordable. Very suitable for dessert after eating main dishes or just when you hang around and want to try some hot drink in the cold weather.

There are 3 common drinks in a soy milk shop: soya milk, peanut milk, and green bean milk. And in some shops, they even buy milk with cakes.  

Best Foods in Dalat 8

Where to drink hot soy milk in Dalat?

  • 64 Tang Bat Ho, Ward 1 – Hoa Sữa
  • 37 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2 – 2 chị em
  • 185 Phan Đinh Phung, Ward 2 – Cô Lan

Price: 8.000-15.000 VND  

9. Chicken Hotpot With Basil Leaves (Lau ga la e) 

Da Lat chicken hotpot with Basil lease or with é lease is the next dish in the must-try Dalat’s food list.

Chicken hotpot with Basil leaves is a specialty of Phu Yen but has become a must-try delicious dish for many tourists when they have the opportunity to travel to Da Lat. Perhaps, it is the cold weather of the pine city that accentuates the sweet, attractive flavor of this dish.

As the name suggests, chicken hotpot with é leaves has ingredients including chicken, é leaves along with sour bamboo shoots and mushrooms. The hotpot is made from chicken bones and sweet mushrooms, adding firm pieces of chicken and a little sour bamboo shoots to increase the flavor. The hot pot broth is served with rice noodles and chicken dipped in salt mixed with chili and spicy pepper

Best Foods in Dalat 9

Chicken hotpot with Basil-leaves – Places to eat food in Dalat:

  • 05  3/4 Street, Ward 3 – Tao Ngộ 3/4
  • 2B Chu Van An, Ward 3 – 668
  • 6 Yersin, Ward 10 – Hạnh Đà Lạt

Price: 200.000-400.000 VND

10. Grilled Chicken With Lam Rice (Com lam ga nuong) 

Grilled chicken with Lam rice is one of the delicious, famous and proud specialties of the Central Highlands people. Visitors to Da Lat who have never had the opportunity to visit the Central Highlands before really want to enjoy this dish once.

To get delicious, flavorful, chewy grilled chicken, the restaurant owner needs to be meticulous in choosing the good chicken, then apply a unique marinade recipe and grill on standard charcoal.

Lam rice dish served with grilled chicken has a crispy charred layer on the outside and a soft, supple inside with the scent of sticky rice. Dip the bamboo rice with a cup of bean salt, take a bite and suddenly everyone will nod at its deliciousness.

Best Foods in Dalat 10

Grilled chicken with bamboo cooked rice – Where to eat in Dalat?

  • 36 Mac Đinh Chi, Ward 4 – Nam Anh Phát
  • Alley 27, Hai Ba Trung, Ward 6 – Hương Quê Quán
  • Van Thanh Flower Village, Ward 5 – Khương Duy
  • National Highway 722, Mangline Junction, Ankroet – Cam Ly Road, Da Lat City – Khương Duy

Price: 35.000-350.000 VND 

11. Grilled Sweet Potato And Corn (Khoai, bap nuong)

In the list of delicious dishes in Da Lat, you cannot miss grilled corn and grilled sweet potatoes. Taken from main ingredients in Da Lat agricultural gardens, corn and potatoes here have a unique, unmistakable sweetness. Entering Da Lat market, after enjoying all the grilled foods, don’t forget to buy hot grilled corn or sweet potatoes with the smell of onion grease sprinkled on them to eat, walk and feel the “very Da Lat” feeling. Lat”.

With two basic dishes, buyers only spend a few thousand for a large potato or an ear of corn.

Best Foods in Dalat 11

Grilled sweet potato and corn – Places to eat food in Dalat:

  • 9 Tran Quoc Toan, Ward 1 – Hồ Xuân Hương (Xuan Huong Lake)
  • 4 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 1 – Chợ đêm Đà Lạt (Dalat Night Market)

Price: 8.000-15.000 VND

12. Snails Stuffed With Pork (Oc buu nhoi thit) – Big snail with tasty filling

If you are planning a trip to Da Lat and looking for places to enjoy famous delicious specialties, you definitely should not miss the famous Dalat snails stuffed with Pork.

The selected snails are of the right size, not too big or too small. Before being processed, the chefs will clean the snails from the inside to outside. To make sure they’re clean, then stuff it with meat marinated with typical spices. Finally, creating a delicious, eye-catching and extremely unique flavor.

Best Foods in Dalat 12

Chicken hotpot with Basil-leaves – Places to eat food in Dalat:

  • 32 Hai Ba Trung, Ward 6 – Ốc nhồi thịt 33
  • C5 Tran Le, Ward 4 – Ốc Tâm 33 Đà Lạt
  • 224 Hai Ba Trung, Ward 6 – Ốc Bích 33

Price: 50.000-200.000 VND

13. Beef Hotpot (Lau bo) – Places To Qat In Dalat

Beef Hot Pot will be an ideal dish to enjoy in the cold weather of Da Lat, especially if you go with friends or family, beef hot pot brings a cozy, warm feeling and brings people closer together.

When enjoying Dalat beef hotpot, visitors will be immersed in the delicate flavor of beef, mixed with delicious broth and accompanying spices. In Dalat, there are so many types of beef hotpot, so that you can choose the one you like to try. 

Best Foods in Dalat 13

Some types of beef hotpot & Where to eat in Dalat?

  • Da Lat Artichoke Beef Hotpot (Lẩu bò Atiso) – 427/3 Phan Đinh Phung, Ward 2
  • Ba Toa beef hotpot (Lẩu bò Ba Toa) – 1/29 Hoang Dieu, Ward 5
  • Yersin braised beef hotpot (Lẩu bò tiềm Yersin) – 27/44A Yersin, Ward 10
  • Hanh Da Lat Hotpot (Lẩu bò Hạnh Đà Lat) – 167 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2 

14. Shaken Strawberries (Dau Tay Lac) – Must-Try Food In Dalat

In Da Lat, strawberries are the most famous fruit, and are also a popular gift that tourists choose to bring home to relatives, family, and friends. Because nowhere on the S-shaped strip of land is so suitable for growing strawberries.

Strawberry shake with salt and chili is the most popular snack in Da Lat. The sour-spicy-sweet taste mixed with strawberries and salt creates a pleasant, refreshing feeling. Many tourists are amazed when enjoying one glass after another, even when leaving Da Lat they still want to bring a few glasses with them just to eat… on the way!

Best Foods in Dalat 14

Shaken Strawberries – Where to eat in Dalat?

  • Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 1 – Chợ đêm Đà Lạt (Dalat Night Market) 

Price: 10.000-20.000 VND 

15. Dalat Dried Fruit (Hoa qua say Dalat) – Must-try In Dalat 

Da Lat is not only a place known as the land of thousands of flowers. This place also has many extremely rich and diverse types of fruits. People here not only know how to take advantage of fruit gardens as tourist destinations, but also know how to harvest and process many wonderful types of Da Lat dried fruits that are unique to this land. So tourists when visiting Da Lat always remember to buy some dried fruits – one of the top of best foods in Dalat as gifts.

Best Foods in Dalat 15

Dalat Dried Fruit – Places to eat in Dalat:

  • 6 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 1, Dalat City.
  • 27/6E Yersin, Ward 10, Dalat City.
  • 21 Le Đai Hanh, Ward 3, Dalat City.

Price: > 25.000 VND

16. Vegetable Hotpot (Lau rau) 

If you are a vegetarian or like to eat healthy, vegetable hot pot is the top choice for you when visiting Da Lat. Hot pot dish with countless fresh, green vegetables. Vegetables here are harvested right in Da Lat, not only cleanly grown but also carefully selected.

Best Foods in Dalat 16

Vegetable hotpot – Where to eat in Dalat?

  • Cable Car tourist area, Robin Hill, Ward 3 – Léguda Dalat vegetable buffet
  • 115 Phan Boi Chau, Ward 2 – Lagim Buffet Vegetables

Price: 49.000-200.000 VND

17. Chicken Rice – Top Food In Dalat (Com ga)

Chicken rice is a popular dish and is present in most provinces and cities of Vietnam. Each locality will have a different way of preparing and presenting dishes. But Dalat Chicken Rice will have its own characteristics that are worth trying if you intend to visit Dalat. Chicken rice in Da Lat often has chicken left in whole pieces, which is very attractive. The rice grains are marinated with turmeric until golden brown and cooked with fragrant chicken broth.

Best Foods in Dalat 17

Address of some famous good Chicken rice:

  • 12 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 4 – Cơm gà Như Ý
  • 02 Hoang Dieu, Ward 5 – Cơm gà Hoàng Diệu
  • 36 Ha Huy Tap Street, Ward 3 – Cơm gà Sơn Ký 2

Price: 30.000-50.000 VND

18. Chicken Curry (Ca ri ga) – What To Eat In Da Lat

Chicken curry is a popular dish in many cultures and is known worldwide. Chicken curry is also an outstanding and popular dish that many tourists choose when visiting Da Lat.

Spicy chicken curry is a combination of potatoes, chicken, and soft carrots that are thoroughly soaked and mixed evenly in sweet soup. You can eat curry with rice or bread.

Best Foods in Dalat 18

Chicken Curry – Places to eat in Dalat:

  • 32 Anh Sang, Ward 1 – Cà ri, bò kho Chàaa
  • 14 Ba Trieu Street, Ward 1 – Cà ri gà Mr.Bo

Price: 25.000 – 40.000 VND

19. Wonton Noodle Soup (My hoanh thanh)

Wonton noodles are a Cantonese noodle dish. The dish is usually served in a hot broth, garnished with leafy vegetables and wontons.

Delicious chewy noodles, rich liquid, a bowl of hot wonton noodles will be a wonderful and suitable dish in the cold weather of Da Lat city.

Best Foods in Dalat 19

Wonton Noodle Soup – Where to eat in Dalat?

  • 1A Tran Le Street, Ward 4 – Mỳ Hoành thánh Trần Lê
  • 71 D. Hung Vuong, Ward 9 – Mỳ Hoành Thánh Dưỡng Ký

Price: 35.000-40.000 VND

20. Vietnamese Thick Noodle Soup (Banh Canh Dalat) 

Coming to Dalat cuisine, banh canh is not a typical culinary feature of this land. However, this dish has become popular and is favored by many tourists come here.

Vietnamese thick noodle soup includes broth made from shrimp, fish and pork trotters, adding spices depending on the type of noodle soup. Banh canh fibers can be made from rice flour, wheat flour, tapioca starch or tapioca starch or rice flour mixed with tapioca starch.

Best Foods in Dalat 20

Dalat Dried Fruit – Places to eat in Dalat:

  • 242 Hai Ba Trung, Ward 6 – Bánh canh cua Chị Ba Thỏ
  • 15b Nha Chung Street, Ward 3 – Bánh canh Xuân An

Price: 18.000 – 40.000 VND

21. Hue Beef Noodles Soup (Bun bo Hue) 

Hue beef noodle soup is considered one of the specialty dishes when referring to the ancient capital. But beef noodle soup is always ranked among the top delicious dishes in Da Lat that you must definitely enjoy. Because with the cold weather of Da Lat, the spicy, rich flavor of the dish is greatly enhanced.

The special thing is that the Hue beef noodle shops in Dalat recommended below, most of the owners are of Hue origin. That’s why the flavor of beef noodle soup is no different from the original Hue beef noodle dish.

Best Foods in Dalat 21

Address of some famous good Chicken rice:

  • 89B Nguyen Luong Bang, Ward 2 – Bún bò Huế Minh Lâm
  • 02 Ho Tung Mau, Ward 10 – Bún bò Huế Thiên Trang
  • 14 Phu Dong Thien Vuong, Ward 8 – Bún bò Huế Công Đà Lạt

Price: 30.000-50.000 VND


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