Prenn Pass – The Winding, Beautiful Road Fascinates Traveler In Dalat

Da Lat is located on the Lam Vien plateau with mountainous terrain, so tourists traveling to Da Lat will have the opportunity to conquer the passes. In addition to Bao Loc Pass, Long Lanh Pass, Ngoan Muc Pass, Da Lat also has the extremely famous Prenn Pass and is known as the best pass of the city of flowers.

1. Prenn Pass Overview

Prenn Pass – The most beautiful pass in the land of thousands of flowers

Prenn Pass is one of the main roads leading to Da Lat. This pass is located on Highway 20, about 11km long, in Ward 3, Da Lat City. From here, go about 12km more and you will reach the city center. Compared to other passes in Da Lat, Prenn Pass is not the longest, not the most dangerous but is considered the most beautiful.

Prenn Pass Overview
Prenn Pass Overview

The pass road is as soft as a strip of silk dropped by the Creator, winding around the majestic Prenn waterfall. This is the reason the pass is named the same as this waterfall. On both sides of the pass are green pine forests whispering in the wind all year round. The road does not have many dangerous turns and the slope is not too high, so visitors can feel completely secure when traveling on this pass.

2. History of Prenn Pass in Da Lat

Today, when stepping foot on Prenn Pass, few people know that this place has witnessed special historical marks. The project to build a new pass began in February 1943 by contractor Gross, replacing the old pass from Prenn waterfall to the center of Da Lat. The new pass is designed with 79 curves, including curves with a radius of up to 1,000 m, creating a winding and attractive look.

The decision to restore the original Prenn Pass and create a parallel Mimosa Pass in the early 2000s was an effort by the government to expand the Prenn Pass to meet growing traffic needs and improve the transportation system. area.

History of Prenn Pass in Da Lat
History of Prenn Pass in Da Lat

However, the organization of one-way traffic between Prenn Pass and Mimosa Pass was not carried out as planned, causing Mimosa Pass to become a route to transport agricultural products from Da Lat to other provinces.

The year 2016 marked a notable turning point for Prenn Pass. The Ministry of Transport decided to change the route of Highway 20 to Mimosa Pass, and at the same time Prenn Pass became a local road managed by the Department of Transport of Lam Dong province. This change has created diversity and division of functions in connecting Da Lat city and neighboring localities.

3. How to get to Prenn Pass

From other cities, visitors can go to Da Lat by passenger car, personal car or by booking a plane ticket to Da Lat. From the city center, visitors can rent motorbikes to explore this pass. If you are traveling by motorbike from Saigon, you can follow the following route: From the starting point, run along National Highway 1K to Bien Hoa -> cross National Highway 1A -> go to Dau Giay intersection -> turn left onto National Highway 20 -> go up Da Lat side -> through Prenn pass.

4. What is special about Prenn Pass in Da Lat?

Enjoy poetic nature

On the way to conquer Prenn, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the poetic and clear natural scenery of Da Lat. On both sides of the pass are undulating hills and mountains, and vast straight pine forests. The fresh, cool air brings an endless feeling of relaxation and refreshment. On every kilometer, the natural scenery opens before your eyes, both majestic and poetic. The higher you go towards the top of the hill, the more beautiful the nature becomes.

Enjoy poetic nature
Enjoy poetic nature

Every time we go on the pass we will encounter a different beauty. When dawn broke, the pine forest was flooded with morning sunlight. When the sunset is glorious, the space is quiet and dreamy.

Explore the majestic Prenn waterfall

On the way to Prenn Pass, visitors should not forget to explore the majestic Prenn Waterfall. Prenn Waterfall Tourist Area is located at No. 20, Lien Khuong – Prenn Highway, Ward 3, Da Lat City. With only a ticket price of 15,000 VND/child and 30,000 VND/adult, you can freely explore this majestic waterfall.

Explore the majestic Prenn waterfall
Explore the majestic Prenn waterfall

The waterfall is nestled under the green pine forest at the foot of the pass. The water cascades from a height of 10 meters down, hitting the rocks, creating white foam. Coming here, visitors can experience rowing on the waterfall, riding an ostrich, riding a Jeep through the forest, riding a cable car, visiting the zoo and orchid forest…

5. Experience when conquering Prenn Pass in Da Lat

When going through Prenn Pass, each person must have high concentration and safe driving skills. Therefore, please follow the rules when participating in traffic, along with some of the following useful experiences:

  • Dalat weather after 7:00 pm and before 6:00 am has a lot of dense fog, so travel is limited during this time.
  • Maintain a steady speed, do not speed or overtake recklessly, always keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.
  • Check the brake system before descending Prenn Pass to ensure safety.
  • Obey traffic signs, pay attention to convex and concave mirrors on the road.
  • Avoid parking in blind spots or dangerous turns.
  • Prioritize using a manual or manual transmission vehicle to move, master how to apply the brakes when going downhill if using a scooter.
Elephant Waterfall - one of the precious unspoiled landscape  in Dalat in pristine beauty 
Elephant Waterfall – one of the precious unspoiled landscape  in Dalat in pristine beauty 

On the Prenn Pass, you shouldn’t miss many distinctive & enchanting landscapes, such as: Linh An Pagoda, or Elephant Waterfall… A bit far from the centre city, but the nature here still keeps its pristine beauty and the tranquil ambience. Such some ideal places for you to go away from the city and get energy back, ready for the next period of life.

With the above article, Tam Trinh Coffee hopes you have learned more interesting information about Prenn Pass, a road worth exploring in your Da Lat travel itinerary. This place offers majestic natural scenery, exciting mountain pass experiences, and unique tourist attractions and resorts. For that reason, this pass is both a beautiful road through the mountains and forests, and a proud cultural and tourist asset of Da Lat.

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