Domaine De Marie – A Heavenly Corner In The Dreamy Dalat

As one of the three most famous churches in the City of Thousands of Flowers, Domaine De Marie, also known as Domaine De Marie, is a captivating blend of Gothic architecture and the unique shapes of traditional longhouses found in the Central Highlands. Its distinctiveness makes it a must-visit tourist destination in Dalat. Let’s delve into the fascinating features of this extraordinary church!

History of Domaine De Marie

Domaine De Marie in Dalat boasts a special history. Built-in 1930 and later renovated in the 1940s, the church underwent a distinctive architectural transformation. Initially serving as the main convent of the Sisters of Mercy of Vinh Sơn, it expanded its purpose after 1975, contributing to various public services such as caring for orphans and providing art education to children.

The tomb of Mrs. Suzanne Humbert, located behind the church, adds historical significance. Mrs. Humbert, the wife of Governor-General Jean Decoux of French Indochina, played a crucial role in fundraising and rallying parishioners to contribute to the church’s construction. Her tragic passing at Prenn Pass from Saigon to Dalat to mediate conflicts between Queen Nam Phuong and Mông Diệp added another layer to the church’s rich history.

History of Domaine De Marie
History of Domaine De Marie

Location of Domaine De Marie in Dalat

Address and Directions:

Domaine De Marie sits gracefully on Ngô Quyền Street, at number 01, approximately 1km southwest of Dalat’s city center. The church’s location is often referred to as the Domain of Our Lady, attracting both tourists and believers alike.

Directions to Domaine De Marie:

Due to its central location, reaching Domaine De Marie is straightforward. For those unfamiliar with Dalat’s streets, checking a map before heading out is advisable.

There are three common routes from Lam Vien Square to Domaine De Marie:

  1. Tran Quoc Toan => Nguyen Van Cu => Hai Thuong, then proceed to the church (the shortest route).
  2. Tran Quoc Toan => Le Dai Hanh => Hoa Binh Area => Hai Ba Trung Street => Hai Thuong.
  3. Tran Quoc Toan => go straight at the roundabout onto Ho Tung Mau => Tran Phu => Hai Thuong, then to the church (the longest route).
Directions to Domaine De Marie:
Directions to Domaine De Marie:

Operating Hours of Domaine De Marie

Domaine De Marie welcomes visitors throughout the day, every day of the week. However, the church’s mass hours vary on different days.

On weekdays, the church opens for mass at 5:00 PM.

On Sundays, masses are held at 5:45 AM and 4:30 PM.

To avoid interfering with the church’s activities, visiting between 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM or 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM is recommended.

Admire the Unique Architecture of Domaine De Marie

The church’s distinctive Gothic-style architecture, combined with a roof resembling the longhouses of the Central Highlands, sets Domaine De Marie apart. The windows extending from the large roof create charming accents, and the colored glass panels on these windows, when illuminated, produce a magical and enchanting atmosphere within the church.

The front of the church has a triangular shape, and at the top of the roof, a crucifix is mounted. In the middle of the front, near the top of the roof, is a circular rose window – a detail often seen in French churches in the late 17th century.

The lower wall under the roof of Domaine De Marie is built quite thick, and the doors are designed to be deep-set. When viewed from the side, you can easily notice its characteristic pattern – solid and void areas, ranging from light to dark shades. This creates an extremely impressive effect, making the church appear bright, airy, and imposing.

Admire the Unique Architecture of Domaine De Marie
Admire the Unique Architecture of Domaine De Marie

The wall is built in the Norman architectural style (northern France) using split stones up to the window sills. With its distinctive deep pink color, under the sunlight, Domaine De Marie stands out, exuding the solemnity of a religious structure.

Inside the church, there is a 3-meter tall, 1-ton statue of Our Lady of Grace, a gift from Mrs. Suzanne Humbert (wife of Governor-General Jean Decoux of French Indochina). Surrounding Domaine De Marie are various flowers, grass, and trees, complementing the beautiful and unique architecture of the church, creating a harmonious and vibrant scene. Therefore, this place attracts many tourists for sightseeing and photography, not only during the tourist season but also on regular days.

Popular Photography Spots at Domaine De Marie

With its eye-catching pink color, Domaine De Marie makes everyone passing by want to stop and capture beautiful photos. Every corner of the church can become an ideal background for photography. Let’s take a peek at some popular spots for taking photos when visiting Domaine De Marie!

– Front view of the church

– Elevated view of the garden from above

– Church grounds

Popular Photography Spots at Domaine De Marie
Popular Photography Spots at Domaine De Marie


Things to Note When Visiting Domaine De Marie Da Lat

Domaine De Marie is not just a tourist attraction but also a sacred place. Therefore, when visiting, pay attention to the following details:

– Choose modest, elegant attire, avoiding short or revealing clothing.

– Refrain from loud conversations or disruptions during religious services.

– Do not pick flowers, step on restricted areas, and especially, do not litter to maintain the cleanliness of the church grounds.

It would be a great regret if you visit Dalat but miss the opportunity to check-in at Domaine De Marie! Take the time to explore the unique beauty of this place!

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