Datanla Waterfalls Da Lat: A Nature Wonder With Heart-Pounding Adventure

Datanla Waterfall is one of the renowned waterfalls that always finds its way onto the itineraries of tourists visiting Dalat, allowing them to indulge in the breathtaking natural scenery. Join Tam Trinh Coffee as we delve into what makes this place so appealing.

Datanla Waterfall is one of the renowned waterfalls that always finds its way onto the itineraries of tourists visiting Dalat, allowing them to indulge in the breathtaking natural scenery. Join Tam Trinh Coffee as we delve into what makes this place so appealing.

Introduction to Datanla Waterfall

Datanla Waterfall is between the Prenn Pass and just 5km from the city center of Dalat. This location entices travelers with its majestic, pristine, and enchanting natural landscapes. The waterfall boasts crystal-clear waters and a gentle flow, meandering through rocky terraces. 

You might not be familiar with the legend of Datanla Waterfall, the meeting place of K’Lang and Hơbiang. Unfortunately, during a battle with a pack of ferocious beasts, K’Lang caused a section of the forest to collapse, creating deep crevices. Among these crevices is the one known as the Abyss of the God of Death.

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Due to its challenging terrain and stunning natural beauty, this area has been developed into an eco-tourism destination, offering adventurous activities and various services. The best time to visit and enjoy the experience is from November to April. During this period, the dry weather and moderate water flow make it safe for exploration.

Contact Information: Ticket Prices, Opening Hours, and Directions

Ticket Prices at Datanla Waterfall, Dalat 2023

Opening Hours: 7 a.m.– 5 p.m. (operating throughout the week)

You can refer to the prices of different activities within Datanla Waterfall in the table below.


Service at Datanla Waterfall Adult Ticket Price Child Ticket Price
Entrance Fee 50.000 VND / person  25.000 VND / person 
One-Way Alpine Coaster 80.000 VND / person  50.000 VND / person 
Round-Trip Alpine Coaster 100.000 VND / person  60.000 VND / person 
Three-Round Alpine Coaster 200.000 VND / person  120.000 VND / person 
Adventurous Rope Swing 350.000 VND  / person  350.000 VND / person 
Zipline Games 350.000 VND / person  200.000 VND / person 
Canyoning Tour  1.650.000 VND / person  1650.000 VND / person 


What makes a visit to Datanla Waterfall in Dalat enjoyable?

It will be a missed opportunity if you don’t engage in the exhilarating games offered here. Carefully designed and challenging, these games push your limits. Experience and surpass your boundaries, knowing the activities are regularly maintained and upgraded for safety. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting games below.

Waterfall Rope Swing

The Waterfall Rope Swing, or Canyoning, offers a challenging and thrilling experience. Conquer the waterfall by climbing the cliffs, with powerful cascades testing your strength. Overcoming these challenges and letting out a triumphant shout is an incredible feeling. Don’t worry; there are different difficulty levels to choose from.

Datanla Waterfalls Da Lat 2

Adventurous Rope Swing

Next up is a team-oriented and physically demanding game. You can choose from two levels: 10 – 20 meters for adults and 1 meter for children. Team members need to cooperate effectively, each individual pushing their limits. Each game consists of six rounds with increasing difficulty levels, reaching up to 80 challenges. If you’re exhausted, taking a break is okay—don’t overexert yourself. So why hesitate? Let’s explore it with your family and friends in a fun and exciting way, and you’ll laugh heartily after the experience.

Datanla Waterfalls Da Lat 3

Mountain Slide Adventure

This game might sound familiar as it has been widely reviewed on social media. It’s fascinating—sit on the sled and enjoy a tour around the mountains, relishing the stunning natural landscapes and the thrilling feeling of leaning through sharp turns.

Datanla Waterfalls Da Lat 4

Forest Zip Line Adventure

Prepare for a unique experience in the Forest Zipline Adventure. While enjoying the fresh air of Dalat, you’ll experience a mixture of excitement and fear as you glide through the forest on a zipline.

Datanla Waterfalls Da Lat 5

Rafting Across Waterfalls

It’s an absolute must-play game that emphasizes the importance of teamwork… This incredibly entertaining game involves a team of 2 to 6 people rowing through 10 waterfall rapids. Team members must work harmoniously, keeping a steady rhythm to conquer challenges swiftly.

Datanla Waterfalls Da Lat 6

Cable Car Panorama of Datanla Waterfall

Beyond the physical activities, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Datanla Waterfall and the surrounding landscape from the cable car. The cable car system, spanning over 2km, will lead you to the valley beneath the Prenn Pass and the lush pine forests.

Datanla Waterfalls Da Lat 7

Jungle Trekking

Experience the one km-long stairway with around 200 steps. Rest assured, you’ll be equipped with safety harnesses while traversing this staircase, which has a gentle slope for easy walking. Not only can you engage in a fitness-friendly walk, but you can also relish the serene atmosphere. 

Datanla Waterfalls Da Lat 8

With many adventurous games and engaging activities at Datanla Waterfall, an exciting world awaits you. Quickly gather your loved ones and friends to embark on this experience. Tam Trinh Coffee appreciates your time spent reading this article. Have a joyful journey, and may you create beautiful memories here.

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