Dalat Flower Garden – Essential Information About Dalat Flower Festival

Dalat is known as the city of flowers, so it will be a big omission for visitors if you don’t experience Dalat Flower Garden – the biggest flower display place in Dalat. With plentiful hundreds of flowers, Dalat Flower Park appears as a vibrantly colorful picture in the tourists’ eyes, captivating them in this appealing attraction. Follow Tam Trinh Coffee to know more useful tips to travel here.   

1. Dalat Flower Garden – The Famous Flower Park In Dalat, Vietnam

Dalat Flower Garden, alternative name is Dalat Flower Park. This tourist attraction is well-known for a wide range for more than 300 various species with a span of over 7,000 square metters. This flower park is just 2 km far from the city centre, being adjacent to Xuan Huong Lake and the poetic Cu Hill.

Dalat Flower Garden 1

Dalat Flower Park is considered as a symbol of the flower city, which houses a gigantic collection of both familiar and exotic blooms. Hundreds of which are in blossom all year round, creating a gorgeous tapestry of fragrances and colors. Gardeners carefully take care of and constantly update them to meet the visitors’ needs. Flowerbeds here are also arranged meticulously in stunning displays for the Dalat Flowers Festival held annually. 

2. Dalat Flower Gardens History

Dalat Flower Park was constructed in 1966 and originally named Bich Cau Flower Garden. But for some reason, it was abandoned for a long time. Not until 1985, the park was renovated and renamed Dalat Flower Garden and soon, becoming an appealing attraction that many visitors fall in love with.

3. Dalat Flower Garden Park Map & What To Do

Dalat Flower Park comprises many different parts, such as: Entertainment area, Flower Exhibition area, Greenhouse area, Statuary area, Coffee area, Water fountain,…

In the middle of the Dalat Flowers Park, an enchanting water fountain makes many visitors stop here and deeply enjoy the park’s splendor.

Greenhouse area is located on the right of Dalat Flower Park, which has many types of ornamental plants in various hues, from Vietnam typical flowers like mimosas, chrysanthemums, roses, hortensias,… to even strange flowers like African cactus.  

Dalat Flower Garden 3


The Statuary area is located on a hill, which is close to the Dalat Flower Park gate, including many stone carving statues. It is such an ideal place for visitors to admire the expansive view of Dalat Flower, airy Bich Cau Coffee and also romantic Xuan Huong Lake. 

Some facilitated amenities are offered to provide the more comfortable experiences for customers, like parking lot and shooting area. In addition, there are many restaurants with various dining dishes for you to choose the suitable one.  

4. Dalat Flower Park Highlights – Dalat Flower Festival

One of the most unique points of Dalat Flowers Garden is the orchid area which collects the most distinctive types of orchild. Many people are fascinated and captivated by this type of flower because of its breed variety with dozens of exterior versions through utilizing tissue culture method. Some noted types of orchild like Kim Jokes, Scallops, Lobsters, Yellow Daffodil…   

Another highlight of this breathtaking landscape is some rare ornamental plants, including: African cactus garden (50cm-60cm diameter), Bonsai trees, herbal garden…

Dalat Flower Garden 4

Dalat Flower Park is also well-known for the Dalat Flower Festival. It is a biennial event that all nature enthusiasts as well as flower lovers always look forward to joining. Flower Festival in Dalat is an opportunity to display and exhibit local vegetables, flowers, and other ornamental plants of Dalat city as well as other cities throughout the country with the aim of attracting tourists to visit, take leisure time in Da Lat, promoting economic growth for the city.

5. Dalat Flower Park Entrance Fee

The entrance fee of Dalat Flower Park is about 50,000 VND for an adult and it takes 25,000 VND for a under-1m2 child. With smaller children, the ticket price is free. It’s quite reasonable to admire the gorgeous picture full of blooming flowers, even some rare, bizarre types of trees.  

Dalat Flower Garden 5

6. Where is Dalat Flower Garden & How to get

Dalat Flower Garden is located at 02 Tran Nhan Tong Street, Ward 8, Da Lat City, Lam Dong. It is just 3 km from the Dalat Market and 2 km from the city centre, so it’s not too difficult to access this place. You can get a cab, rent a motorbike and ride yourself, or use other means of transportation like bus, grab car… 

7. Dalat Flower Garden Opening Hours & The Best Time To Visit

The opening hours of Dalat Flower Garden is from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM daily. You can visit here whenever in that range of time.  

Consider visiting during the peak blooming season, typically from December to March, to witness the park in its full floral splendor

The peak blooming season usually falls in December to March the following year, so keep in mind this best time to visit Dalat Flower Garden perfectly.  

And if you want to visit Dalat Flower Park on Dalat Flower Festival, you should remember it is held biennially in December, when the Dalat weather is nicest in the year. So the best time to enjoy Dalat Flower Festival is December.

Dalat Flower Garden 6      

8. Tips For Travelling Dalat Rose Garden

To make sure that you have memorable experiences in Dalat Flower Park, below some notes that you should keep an eye on:  

  • You may stroll or walk a lot to explore many different sections here, so choose the convenient footwear to move easily. 
  • In the high season of tourism, many people visit here so remember to order tickets in advance is a smart decision.   
  • Follow the regulations of the park, so don’t pick flowers in an indiscriminate way. 

Dalat Flower Gardens is one of the famous attractions in Dalat. With various sections and exciting activities inside the park, many visitors experienced here want to come back to this attraction again. Tam Trinh Coffee hopes that with much provided information, visitors will have many memorable moments in this enchanting landscape.  

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