TAM TRINH COFFEE EXPERIENCES has been officially recognised as the leading AGRITOURISM destination in Lam Dong Province!

On January 12th, 2024, Phạm S, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Lam Đong Province, issued the official decision to recognize “Tam Trinh Coffee Experiences” as an agritourism destination, operated by Tam Trinh Coffee Import Export Company Limited, located in Thon 4, Gia Lam Commune, Lam Ha District. This is a significant step not only for the company but also for the tourism and agricultural sectors of Lâm Đồng Province.

According to the Vietnamese Trade Magazine, agritourism must ensure a minimum of four elements, including integrating tourism and agriculture, attracting tourists to participate in agricultural activities, purchasing agricultural products to increase tourism products, and adding entertainment, educational, and knowledge-enhancing activities for tourists.

According to the Vietnamese Trade Magazine
According to the Vietnamese Trade Magazine

With over 30 years of experience in coffee production and export, Tam Trinh Coffee Import Export Company Limited has continuously developed and expanded its production scale. The company has established partnerships with over 3,000 farmers in Lâm Đồng Province to cultivate and process high-quality coffee. This not only brings economic benefits but also contributes to increasing the income of farmers by 10% to 30% annually.

The coffee sourcing area linked to the “Tam Trinh Coffee Experiences” brand has been certified according to global sustainable standards such as 4C, UTZ, RAINFOREST, ALLIANT… This not only ensures product quality but also reflects the company’s commitment to environmental protection and community development.

Established to create a unique experience with Vietnamese coffee, Tam Trinh Coffee has continuously strived to create a comprehensive experience, from exploring the process of “From Farm to Cup” to introducing the distinctive coffee culture of Lam Đong and Vietnam.

officially recognised 2

Today, after relentless efforts to create and develop, attracting domestic and international tourists to experience “Tam Trinh Coffee Experiences” Agritourism Destination has become the first agritourism destination.

officially recognised 3

officially recognised 4

officially recognised 5

This joyful news is not only a pride for the Tam Trinh Coffee team but also clear evidence of our relentless efforts and dedication over time.

At Tam Trinh Coffee, you will not only enjoy the unique flavor of coffee but also immerse yourself in the tranquil natural surroundings of the highlands, where humans and nature harmonize to create a picturesque and peaceful landscape.

officially recognised 6

Let’s join us – the young people who love and want to dedicate themselves to Vietnamese coffee, to discover and experience the wonders of coffee and the natural beauty at Tám Trình Coffee – a destination not to be missed when you set foot in Lâm Đồng!

Through this joyful news, Tám Trình Coffee Experiences is not only an attractive destination for tourists wishing to explore the beauty of Vietnamese coffee but also evidence of the success of the coffee and tourism industry of Lâm Đồng Province.

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